Clinicians and Demos


TJ Clibborn

TJ Clibborn will be joining us as a judge for the 2019 Colt Starting! TJ will also be doing a demo on Starting Your Colt at Home! For the last 40 years TJ has worked with Colts of all breeds and have found that horses never lie - they don't comprehend this concept, unlike human beings. As such, TJ finds that the people are the hardest to contend with because they want to see results now - horses undoubtedly don't learn that way. Horses have to learn to trust first, and I say with trust anything is possible. TJ's program teaches ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

TJ Clibborn was born in Glen Innes Australia and moved to the states in 1990 where he started the True Partnership Inc way of training. He specializes in training colts for all types of competitions. TJ has made the finals in all the Mustang challenges he has competed in since 2009. TJ’s training methods work on every horse he has had the privilege of working with over the years. Since 2011 TJ has been starting Colts for Blue Chip Farm LLC in WallKill, New York and takes a Month out of his busy schedule to make sure the Olympian horses get a great training start. TJ starts with them as weanlings and each year progresses until they are 3 years old and working under saddle. Tom Grossman, the owner, is very pleased with TJ’s ability to start these valuable colts to go on to be champions.

To learn more about TJ and his training visit his Facebook page titled,” TJ Clibborn - A True Partnership

Candice King

We are very excited that Candice King will be joining our lineup of Clinicians for this year's Expo.Candice King is a world class Grand Prix show jumper who has garnered multiple FEI titles and awards over the past 2 decades. She has represented the USA on multiple Nations Cup teams and was also the top ranked US rider at the 2001 World Cup Final in Gothenburg, Sweden. Since winning the coveted 2001 Queen Elizabeth II Cup at the CSIO5* Hickstead in England, Candice has continued to rack up top placing Grand Prix finishes nationally and internationally. She was short­listed for the 2006 World Equestrian Games, was a member of the 2nd place U.S. team at the 2013 Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup at the CSIO5* Spruce Meadows and was a member of two winning FEI Nations Cup teams in 2015.
In addition to her remarkable accomplishments in the tack, she’s a devoted mother and well grounded human being. When asking Candice about her greatest accomplishment, she’s quick to note it isn’t always about winning or about a particular result in her show career. She finds most of her satisfaction in being a good horseman.
“At this stage in my career I’ve become a good horseman and everything else has fallen into place. I honestly truly love being around the horses, developing the young ones and I’ve always taken pride in bringing out the best in a project horse. I also enjoy helping my students develop to where they can make independent decisions. I’ve allowed them to make their own choices, so when they step in the ring they’re prepared,” says Candice.
“I love to win, but I didn’t come from money and I watched my parents struggle to make it happen for me. It means more to me to be a horseman rather than a competitor, Candice said. I still want to make another run at it for Olympics, but I want to do everything the right way in my business.”



Brock Griffith

We are thrilled Brock will be returning as a judge for the 2019 Colt Starting at the Expo. Brock will also be doing demo's at the event! Don't miss a minute!

Twenty ago, Brock Griffith traded a bull riding career to pursue his dream of working with horses. He immersed himself in the study and practice of natural horsemanship, gaining valuable knowledge and skills in this methodology and confidence in its application. His unique style is inspired by a variety of influences, personal experience, and an open mind. Brock is a talented horseman, trainer and clinician with an extraordinary ability to communicate effectively with both horses and their human partners.

Brock has won multiple colt starting competitions since 2008 and have successfully helped many horse and rider partnerships achieve their dreams through communication and understanding. Brocks passion for horses shows through the look in his eye, and with every horse he touches.