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Jerry King

Jerry King of Jerry King's Training in Parkton, NC will return as a judge in our 2019 Colt Starting! Jerry willl also be doing demos throughout the Expo. Don't miss these!

Jerry King has many accomplishments, among them APHA Cutting World Champion multiple times, 40 years of Cutting horse experience with countless wins on a local, state and regional level. Jerry is a member of the NCHA, AQHA and APHA. Jerry has also been an AQHA Congress winner in Western Pleasure and Reining. With all Jerry’s success in the show pen he understands that a horse can’t go far if his basic foundation training isn’t where it needs to be. Jerry takes in all breeds and disciplines in his training business in Parkton, NC. Jerry also sits on the Boards of the NC Horse Council and the Borderbelt Horsemen’s Association. Jerry King is also the host of the popular Farm and Ranch TV show From the Ground Up. Jerry is a 2x winner of the Equus Film Festival Awards for his work with his television show.

Jim Thomas

We are thrilled that Jim Thomas of Bar T Horsemanship will be returning as a 2019 Colt Starting Judge! Jim will also be doing demos throughout the weekend. Don't miss these.

Jim Thomas is the founder of Bar T Horsemanship. Jim’s training philosophy is results-driven. Producing soft, willing partners. Jim teaches us to take the role of the leader—provide clear signals, add consistency, patience and the understanding that the horse should look to his owner for direction.
“My goal is for you to understand why your horse acts as it does, and what role you must play to gain his trust,” Jim says. “Horses are much like children. Provide the proper environment and they will be yours forever. All things accomplished with a horse are through trust.” Jim is a firm believers in groundwork. Regardless of the training level of the horse upon arrival at the Bar T, they will spend a substantial amount of time from the ground before they ever approach the horse with a saddle. Good groundwork is a solid foundation. “Just like you wouldn’t put the framework of a house directly on the ground, we wouldn’t dream of moving forward without a foundation,” Jim says.



Leisha Griffith

Leisha Griffith is returning this year to Emcee the Colt Starting Championship! Don't miss her demo! Leisha Griffith grew up on a working ranch and had developed a passion for horses and rodeos at a very young age. Leisha has spent her life studying the horse and what makes the horse click. She enjoys starting colts and has won multiple colt starting competitions as well as barrel racing and roping titles, and competing and finishing in the top 15 in the extreme mustang makeover. Leisha also loves blending natural horsemanship into performance horses, improving every horse she trains as well as teaching and offering public demonstrations and clinics both private and public. Brock and Leisha have combined their knowledge and offer many services involving training, sales, lessons, clinics and off site services