Cushing Equestrian Fund

Mission Statement:

    The Equine Industry has deep roots in North Carolina.  The first horses arrived in North Carolina during the 1500’s where they were used, as they are today, for work, pleasure and companionship.  Today, North Carolina’s equine population encompasses approximately three hundred fifty thousand (350,000) horses, ponies, mules, donkeys and burros.  While the equine industry is large and ranges from stable operators, trainers, and veterinarians to feed suppliers, fencing and construction companies, trailer manufactures, and saddle and tack shops, the industry segments exist largely independent of one another. We are in the final stages of establishing Cushing Equestrian Fund.

     Cushing Equestrian Fund is a multi-faceted organization dedicated to educating horse owners and general public in topics such as

1.      Natural Disaster Preparedness

2.      Establishing pathways to education

3.      Growing the Equine Industry

4.      Equine Healthcare and Nutrition

5.      Technology

6.      Mentoring for equine related businesses

7.      Fighting illiteracy and encouraging creativity through Equine Media Boot Camps

8.      Develop networking opportunities for horse owners with a strategic team of network professionals


    By working with organizations like Carolina Hoofbeats TV, Southeast Hoofbeats magazine, American Horse Council,  state Horse Councils, various Departments of Agriculture, Universities and our Veterinary community to bring general awareness to equine issues and programs to grow our industry.  CEF will establish a library of articles, videos, and information that will be freely accessible to the horse community to allow equal opportunities for many educational programs. The CEF will also develop brochures, handouts, videos and in person opportunities for learning as well as information on the organization and how to become a donor.  CEF may host educational symposiums to address specific equine topics, including but not limited to equine cruelty, unwanted horses and land stewardship. All such events will be open to the public.

     Cushing Equestrian FUnd will offer grants and scholarships to people who wish to pursue a career in the agricultural industry with a strong focus on equine opportunities.  Another way in which CEF could operate is to provide economic support to other 501c3 entities that share the same mission goals such as safety net programs to provide owners with a hardship or injury short term feed solutions, gelding or euthanasia, and develop a disaster relief response unit to assist the NCDA in an emergency.

          The CEF would accept grant requests from existing clubs, associations, institutions of higher education or individuals maintaining an interest in the health, recreational and educational interests of the horse industry as well as other topics or interests deemed important to the equine industry, provided such organizations are tax exempt within the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.  Grant requests impacting the broadest scope of horse owners will receive preferential treatment.  Moreover, the Foundation will evaluate grant requests based on the following guidelines: fit with the Organization’s mission, quality of proposed program, magnitude of impact on horse owners, feasibility and sustainability of proposal, and accountability. 

  A portion of the profits from our events such as Horses Got Talent and Everything Equine Expo will be donated to establish the nonprofit..