Cushing Media Foundation

Mission Statement:

The Equine Industry has deep roots in North Carolina.  The first horses arrived in North Carolina during the 1500’s where they were used, as they are today, for work, pleasure and companionship.  Today, North Carolina’s equine population encompasses three hundred six thousand (306,000) horses, ponies, mules, donkeys and burros.  While the equine industry is large and ranges from stable operators, trainers, and veterinarians to feed suppliers, fencing and construction companies, trailer manufactures, and saddle and tack shops, the industry segments exist largely independent of one another.

     Cushing Media Foundation was formed exclusively to preserve and enhance the Equine Industry and its agricultural interests.  CMF works in conjunction with Carolina Hoofbeats TV and Southeast Hoofbeats magazine to educate and promote the equine industry.  The Foundation will also work companionably with agencies like NC Horse Council, NC Department of Agriculture, NC State University, and various breed associations and clubs by assisting our North Carolina horses and owners via charitable, educational, and research programs. 

     The primary purpose of the Cushing Media Foundation is to educate the general public as well as the equine owning public about such things as the selection, care, management and health of all equine. The Foundation was formed to assist in providing educational programs and bring general awareness to equine issues. It is the intent of the Foundation to put all dollars received back into these efforts via a grants/gifting program.

     The CMF intends to assist educational efforts featuring speakers from North Carolina Horse Council, trainers, equine therapists, farriers, veterinarians and other equine specialists. These educational programs will address various segments and interests of the North Carolina equine industry, including but not limited to educational programs on such topics as:

“How to Select Your First Horse” - purchasing a horse is a lifetime commitment, and it is important that prior to buying a horse the potential owner understands what it is going to take to own the animal to prevent an unwanted horse situation.

“General Equine Care and Management” - as North Carolina becomes increasingly urbanized, livestock owners need to understand the amount of land necessary for the responsible upkeep of equine as well as the structures necessary for their well-being.

“Equine Health” – discussions would touch on a variety of topics to provide equine owners and equine enthusiasts with a basic understanding of equine health needs, including dental health, basic first aid, and an understanding of animal to human transmission of disease.

 “Pasture and Facility Management” - as the loss of farm land continues to rise in North Carolina, equine owners and equine enthusiasts must become more aware of environmental issues and develop “best management practices” to ensure high water quality and lessen nutrient runoff.

“Equine Nutrition and Supplements” - what works and what constitutes good nutrition for healthy livestock

“Hoof Care and Lameness” – addressing issues to ensure the animal’s usefulness and prevent the animal from becoming unwanted by its owner.

“Equine Legal Issues” – will educate equine owners and the general public regarding basic rules and regulations governing equine ownership, including such programs as understanding agricultural present use value, land zoning issues, local ordinances which govern ownership or building and liability issues, understanding lease agreements, tools for starting your own equine business, and buying and selling of horses.

“Boarding and Training” - provide the general public with information on what to look for in a boarding facility and understanding training programs and different types of riding. 

 “Trail Construction and Maintenance Courses” – planning for, designing and maintaining environmentally safe equine and multi use trails. 

 “Leave No Trace” - assisting both the equine trail user group as well as other trail user groups on how to teach others to enjoy our recreational trails and leave them unspoiled for future users.

We also intend to promote equine journalism, communications through television and digital media by holding "bootcamps" where kids can come and build a magazine, do equine photography, plan, film and star in a television episode, learn to work social media and market. Our desire is to get kids to think, dream and experience.  Additionally, the Organization will participate in other educational events, including open houses, slide presentations, and other public speaking engagements that will be free and open to the public with an aim at educating the public on all types of equine issues.  

     A portion of the profits from Everything Equine and Horses Got Talent will go directly to the foundation for these purposes. We also believe that the event Everything Equine itself is 100% about growth, promotion and education for the equine industry.  Horses Got Talent is a totally out of the box if you will, idea to build a way to educate and promote the industry as well as entertain our spectators. Both events bring growth and progress to the Lumberton area and it is our desire to make Lumberton, NC the place to hold your equestrian event in our state. Cushing Media Productions will continue to find new ways to grow and promote our industry and our Lumberton area, that is our commitment to the area.