Jesse Chase

Jesse Chase of Jesse Chase Performance Horses. Jesse has over 20 years of experience in training, coaching and showing reining horses,

Jesse is a reining, working cow horse and ranch riding trainer, as well as a clinician and judge. . He was the 2016 US National Champion of Arabian Reining, was in the Quarter Horse Congress Top Ten in Open Reining in 2014 and was the 2006 American Paint Horse Association (APHA) Reserve World Champion. Additionally, Jesse was a two-time Top Ten Working Cow Horse competitor and coached a United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) Youth Gold Medalist in reining.

“I feel that my ‘specific area of expertise’ is instruction,” says Jesse. “Whether it is the horse or the rider, my program and curriculum is tailor made for each individual’s needs. No matter what level a horse or rider are at, I am confident I can make that rider a better horseman and the horse a more functional mount for that horseman and again, no matter the breed or discipline.”

Shelby.jpgShelby Friml

Shelby Friml

Shelby Friml, rider, driver, professional fitter and designer of saddles, has been on the back or behind an equine her entire life. Beginning riding out of a cattle ranch in Palm Desert California, to Vermont for over 30 years where Double Diamond was born, her horse life has been long and full of multiple experiences. Moving to North Carolina in 2005 offered her the opportunity to ride year round and work with multiple disciplines of riding and the tack, eventually leading to the development of a technical line of saddles that have built into them all the parts that make a difference: short, light, close contact, all leather, adjustable position rigging, ergonomically correct, balanced, minimalist, and most importantly the ability to be built on trees of many shapes and sizes. Our saddles are built by their fit, not simply by a gullet width. As a fitter who's learned everything from the use of a very technical accurate pressure map system built for horses, Shelby was able to learn the many real time cause and affect aspects saddle fit: the conformation of the animal, the hoof trim, the asymmetry of the body, the way of travel, the sport, the rider posture, injuries, the pads, and finally the saddle. Many subtle things can be measured such as a rider that has a hip replacement, or a horse with an uneven hoof trim, old injury, or stiff neck for example. Saddle fitting is the prime focus of her business, aiming to educate people on the subject, evaluating and correcting fit and building saddles that fit a wide range of equines from drafts to Paso Finos, all gaited breeds, mules and donkeys, quarters and mustangs and warmbloods and those tough to fit types, and everything in between.

Leisha Griffith

Leisha Griffith

Leisha Griffith grew up on a working ranch and had developed a passion for horses and rodeos at a very young age. Leisha has spent her life studying the horse and what makes the horse click. She enjoys starting colts and has won multiple colt starting competitions as well as barrel racing and roping titles, and competing and finishing in the top 15 in the extreme mustang makeover.
Leisha also loves blending natural horsemanship into performance horses, improving every horse she trains as well as teaching and offering public demonstrations and clinics both private and public. Brock and Leisha have combined their knowledge and offer many services involving training, sales, lessons, clinics and off site services

Mark Hausman.jpg

Mark Hausman

Coming soon….

Gary Sessoms

Gary Sessoms and Tina Sutton

Growing up on a farm in Sampson county, horses have always been a part of Tina's life. A chance encounter with a teamster peaked her interest in driving, and she has been hitching horses every since. Tina and Gary started driving for fun and soon realized they could share that excitement with the general public. Through special events, weddings, and volunteer work they have shared their love of draft horses and driving with children and adults of all ages. Taking time to tell others about their horses, teaching people to drive, and visiting others in the carriage business has allowed them meet some wonderful people and visit some beautiful locations.