Tom Seay

Tom Seay

Best of America by Horseback


Executive Producer

Trail Master


Tom Seay is the Host and Executive Producer of the national television show, Best of America by Horseback, which has aired on RFD-TV since 2005. Tom was the first Trail Master to ride his horse followed by trail riders across America on the 3,311 miles trek from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean in “The American Transcontinental Trail Ride”. More recently, he led a group of riders from Old Mexico across America to Canada.


Hosting the national television show, Best of America by Horseback, he has ridden in virtually every state plus the Yukon, Mexico, the country of Belize in Central America, the Caribbean and as recognized as America’s Foremost Outfitter and Trail Guide.

The show is co-hosted by Kristen Biscoe, produced by Pat Seay and has expanded to include historic locations and rides such as Old Tombstone, Medicine Lodge Peace Treaty, the Jesse James Festival, Reagan’s Ranch, Lincoln’s Ride to the White House, The Knights of the Golden Horseshoe and many others.

Tom welcomes riders to join him on the show, literally thousands have done so. Everyone is welcome to ride on high-profile events.

Learn more about Best of America by Horseback at their website, or call their office at 540-829-9555.